OpenVault Media Management System

Managing removeable media
in a drive and platform independent way

What is this thing called "OpenVault"?     OpenVault is middleware that helps applications manage
removable media, allowing sharing of libraries and drives
between applications on a host and between hosts in a SAN.
Are there commercial versions of it? OpenVault from SGI and SmartMedia from Legato.
Is there documentation I can read? OpenVault Application Programmer's Guide,
OpenVault Infrastructure Programmer's Guide, and
OpenVault Operator's and Administrator's Guide.
What drives and robots are supported? SmartMedia device plugins can be used with OpenVault.
40 library types and 10 drive types are now supported.
What's this about an IEEE standard? IEEE 1244 Media Management System is based on
OpenVault and has been approved and published.
Who developed IEEE 1244? Storage Systems Standards Working Group of the IEEE.
Is there an Open Source project? Yes, on SourceForge , of course.

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